Mango Tree

Pickup & Delivery

The Mango tree only delivers to the locations specified in our Delivery page. Please review these locations carefully if you wish to have your order delivered. If you are not in an area we deliver to, you may pick up your order from any of our restaurants. When you are ordering it is your responsibility to select the restaurant closest to you. The Mango tree only delivers in Sri Lanka.

The Mango tree requires a minimum period of 1 hour for any pick up order and 2 hours for a delivery order. The Mango tree does not make any guarantee on the ability to deliver or keep an order ready for pick up at the time you select when ordering.

Please note that no order shall be processed until payment is received by credit card payment or other means.


The Mango tree operates on a strictly no return policy. A product may only be returned if a customer has received a product that was not ordered, has received a product which does not meet the published specifications or is not in proper condition at the time of delivery. You are required to check your order carefully before the delivery person leaves your premises. In all other instances once a product is ordered it is considered sold and not returnable. The Mango tree does not offer money back guarantee or trial products. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that the product you are purchasing will satisfy your requirements.